Torio Beach Panama Evening Sunset

Not to long ago some old high school friends from Florida came down on a surf vacation. The swell was unseasonably small so instead of just hanging Veraguas, morillo, ludvigs, torio, panamaaround the Azuero and surfing at Playa Venao and other local breaks we hit the road and went up to Chiriqui and then back down into the Veraguas coast  to surf my favorite beach break,  Morillo.

We went to Morillo on the last full day before I had to take them to Panama City for their return flight home.  We pulled into Ludvig’s in the afternoon hungry for dinner to find nearly every restaurant in town closed down due to no guests.  The only place around that would serve us food was a small beach bar down at  playa Torio where the mouth of the Torio River comes out to the sea.  This beach is protected and gets very little wave action so it acts as the local fisherman’s port.

Anyways, we spoke to the owner’s of the little bar, a mother and daughter, and they prepared us food and served us cold beers and rum while we watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean and Isla Cebaco.  My buddies, three of them, wanted to celebrate and live it up for their last night in the interior of Panama.  So we had four dinners, a case or more of ice cold beer (sharing with a few local fisherman whom had already had plenty of booze before we arrived) and a botttle of rum, all for about $40.00, including a good tip.  One of the best things about Panama is if one knows a little bit of the language and is not scared of rustic accommodations one can find amazing inexpensive little nooks for food and cold beverages with a million dollar view.  The beach bar at playa Torio is a prime example.

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