Santa Catalina Panama Downtown

The first thing one notices in downtown Santa Catalina is that diving is king.  Nearly all the signs and a number of store fronts advertise diving and isla coiba dive, surfingsnorkeling in Isla Coiba.  I don’t know who arrived first to this small town, traveling surfers looking for great waves or adventurous divers looking to go deep, either way both groups are now well represented. This is the off season so almost all the dive shops appeared to be closed temporarily, taking a break before high tourist season kicks in.

Downtown Santa Catalina takes all of about fifteen minutes to stroll from one end to another.  The road ends right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean where surfers can grab a boat for a small fee and be taxied out to and dropped off at the point for a surf.  Im sure fishing charters can be set up in town easily. Almost everyone in Santa Catalina makes there money one way or the other from the ocean.

We walked around town one afternoon, taking pictures and eating inexpensive, but delicious ice cream.  Ice cream and ice cream bars are cheap here. Panama does have her benefits. Nothing better on a hot saturday afternoon. Umh ice cream…

Anyways, if you arrive to Catalina and are not sure what to do to stay busy don’t worry, there are plenty of ocean based fun options to choose from.  Just take a walk downtown and follow the signs or ask someone at your hotel, it’s a small town, everyone knows everyone.