Playa La Barqueta Las Olas Resort

Playa Barqueta is known for it’s powerful waves. It’s not always the best surfing beach, the waves are generally to large and closing out. Though, like allPlaya la Barqueta, David, Panama, Resort, David beach breaks, at times it has it’s moments when the conditions are right and the waves get good.

The Las Olas Beach Resort is the only hotel on Playa la Barqueta. It’s a large beach front hotel with a restaurant and pool. It’s part of a larger development complex with condo’s, houses and a planned golf course. It’s almost always quiet and nearly empty. I imagine it’s just to far out of the way for the majority of travelers passing through Chiriqui. I had some friends who stayed their with their kids on our latest surf adventure to Moca Point. We all hung out at the hotel for a while after our surf session. Here are a few photos of the property.