Playa El Palmar

Bay View Resort at Playa El Palmar has been our hangout during the two Discovering Surfing Talents contests held at Playa Serena in Coronado. Pucha is friends with the owners of the ocean side resort, so it’s out first pick for availability.playa palmar, jeffreys, punta, surf, travel, panama, surf lessons, carlitos, bay view resort, hotel

Playa El Palmar is a small beach front community located just to the west of the small town of San Carlos. The turn off to El Palmar is across the street from Carlitos, a great restaurant that has some of the best meat filled empanadas in Panama. El Palmar has a couple of different ocean front hotels and restaurants and a number of private residences.

There are surf breaks frequented by Panamanians, notably Jeffrey’s and la Punta Palmar, both fun right hand reef breaks, amongst others. There is also a small surf school at the beach in El Palmar run by a lovely Argentinean friend named Flor. Look Flor up if you are in the Palmar or Coronado area and would like a surf lesson for yourself or to tire the kids out.

If you are ever traveling towards the interior of Panama and want to stop off at a small Panamanian beach town and have lunch by the Pacific Ocean Playa El Palmar is a great place to visit.