Playa Coronado Golf and Beach Resort Panama

Last Sunday I had some time to kill before the start of the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surf contest that was being held at beautiful Playa SerenaPanama Golf and Beach Resort in Coronado Panama.  The surf contest was held up by the high tide. Playa Serena only breaks on a lower tide.

While waiting I grabbed my camera and wandered on over to the Playa Coronado Golf and Beach Resort.  The resort is located in the heart of Coronado.  I was let in at the gate with out a question and was greeted by friendly staff at the reception desk.  When I asked for permission to meander the property and snap some photos for the panama portal a manager quickly told me to feel free and to come back some time when the head of marketing is around for an appointment to get the grand tour.  Really hospitable folks.

The course looks top-notch.  I’ve golfed a little back in Florida with friends, they’ll testify that I’m not very good.  But, growing up in Florida, I’ve seen a lot of great golf courses and the course in Coronado is beautiful.  The pool, restaurant, bar, golf shop and driving range are all impeccably clean and obviously well maintained.  The resort offers tours, activities, has an equestrian park and a convention center.

If you come  to Panama and would like to play a round check out Playa Coronado Golf and Beach Resort, just set a early tee time to beat the tropical heat.