Pedasi Running with the Bulls Video

This upcoming weekend is the annual “Tradicional Desfile de Carretas” or Traditional Cart Parade. Each year Pedasi clubs and near-by pueblos parade through pedasi bulls on paradetown livestock drawn carts celebrating local traditions. It’s a lively party, with people singing dancing and beating drums to old traditional tunes.

The event gets really crazy saturday afternoon when two bulls are released in the park for a mini “running of the bulls.” A few years back I made a short video of the bulls plowing through the Pedasi park. It’s probably my favorite party of the year. You would think most people would be hiding for cover if two pissed off bulls are being released into a crowd of people, but not here. There are literally mothers with babies and grandmothers with canes watching drunks trying to tackle the bulls as they run through town. The bulls are so freaked out by all the noise and people they usually just run towards open spaces to get out of the craziness. Thank god they do not just head for the crowd because there could be serious damage. In the video below if you watch close, during the second bull, you can see a guy getting knocked out.

It’s amazing here in Panama how there can be huge parties with hundreds if not thousands of people with a strong rum buzz with minimum police presence and there is hardly ever a fight or major issue. Imagine putting a thousand drunk americans together with hardly any police around. Scary!

How I love Panama! No ambulance chasers or frivolous lawsuits here. If you want to party hard and tackle wild animals or get knocked out or loose a few teeth, so be it, have fun while doing it. It’s your problem.

See you at the party! Can’t freaking wait!