Panama Viejo, Historic “Old Panama”

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo (“old Panama”) was founded in August of 1519 making it the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific Coast.  In 1671 the town was destroyed when Captain Henry Morgan invaded.  It was never rebuilt.  Panama Viejo was declared a historic site in 1976 and has since been under governmental protection.  In 2003 the site was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

I LOVE ruins!  There’s something so beautiful about how the stones crumble with age juxtaposed with the constant growth that will always go on around it.  At Panama Viejo, not only are the old town ruins a site to see but when you set it against the backdrop of a SUPER MODERN and ever-changing Panama City skyline, it creates some breath-taking scenery.  For between $3 and $6 per person it is an affordable and super interesting Panamanian site.  A must see!!!

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