Panama Surfing Guide

Though this is a video that I made some years ago, I have never featured it here at The Panama Portal. It’s a short video of a surf trip I took with my friends Dextertours, trave, surf and Graciela from Panama Surfing Guide. The wave featured in the video is a long right hander that only breaks on the perfect tides and swell. This day we scored! I would have recorded more waves, but the conditions were so fun I could not force myself from the water. I got Dexter’s last wave of the day. It was by no means his best, but you’ll get the idea of how long the wave can be.

The journey out to the break is an adventure with in itself. The only access to this semi-secret spot is by traveling through a beautiful Mangrove lined estuary by boat. There are no amenities upon arrival, bring what you need for the trip and hope the boat motor starts for the return trip.