Organica Panama – Organic and Natural Market

That I know of, Organica is the only organic store in Panama. natural products
They have plant based vitamins and nutrients, not the synthetic derived garbage. Organica offers natural skin care and hygeine products, not the petroleum based chemical industry left-overs that are so prevalent in our modern world and amongst their natural baby products they have BPA free baby bottles.

Allow me to back up for just a moment. First off, apologies to any followers of this site. Recently the articles have been far and few between. I am currently expecting my first child. We are still months away from delivery and I am still enjoying a precious full night of sleep so I can not yet use the child as an excuse for slacking on article production. But, here’s my problem – every time I sit at the computer to concentrate on an article I immediately start “googling” topics about infant health, learning, birth, breast feeding, vaccines, education, discipline techniques etc… Therefore at these moments when I am internet connected, investigation and education take top priority. As my Dad says about a first born “we all start from scratch” very true, but I want to get informed as fast as possible. I am happy to say if the little one popped out tomorrow we feel prepared. Cribs, bottles, high chair, clothes, stroller, car seat, you name it we’ve bought it! Organica has been a great help in our search for quality natural products.

We have been shopping at Organica before the little one was on the way, but now we are finding ourselves visiting their stores more often to stock up on prenatal vitamins and non-toxic baby wipes amongst our other staples. They have been a great resource! I hope that more Organicas open throughout the country. The closest one for us is in Coronado, where the photos below are from. It is one of their smaller stores with less merchandise. than the Organicas in Panama City wich are well stocked for the health conscious.

If you are interested in purchasing Organic products in Panama check out the nearest Organica, there is not the selection you will find in the organic markets in the states, but like us you will be very happy with what is available. Plus, the more we support them the more there business will grow.

Here’s to health and lots of good sleep!