Oasis Surf Camp El Estero Santa Catalina

The Oasis Surf Camp is located just across the estuary or el estero in Santa Catalina PanamaEl estero is the beach break at the end of town past the point where all the el estero, hotel, restaurantCatalina kids go to surf at low tide.  It’s kind of the beginner beach of Santa Catalina.

During the day there are almost always groups of families with their kids playing at the large beach in front of the Oasis Surf Camp.  When the tide is low the estuary is small and shallow enough that one can drive their car across to access the large flat beach.

After surfing at the point during the early morning high tide Kalani and his buddy Noriel were chomping at the bits to go down to el estero for some low tide surfing.  Like must young surfers, these two never tire and want to stay in the water all day until total exhaustion has set in. Oh how I miss those days! Pucha and I took a walk around the grounds of the ocean front Oasis and snapped some photos. The cabins look a little rustic, but the place could not have a better location for someone who wants to chill out beach side under palm trees.  Oasis appears to be the farthest lodging from the Santa Catalina Point, but is still within about 10 minutes walking distance.  They have a in-house restaurant and bar so if staying there, a walk to town for dining is not necessary.

I have not stayed at the Oasis, so I can not comment about the rooms, but the place looks to be a good option for the budget backpacking tourist or novice surfer that may not be ready for la punta de Catalina and wants to just paddle out and get some practice in small sandy bottom beach break waves.