Hotel Santa Catalina

As most people will notice from the content of my articles, the majority of my free time evolves around surfing.  This past weekend was no veraguas, isla coiba, panama, la punta, surf, divedifferent.  My girl’s son Kalani and his friend placed first and second in the last Discovering Surfing Talents contest and won gift certificates for the Hotel Santa Catlina. The boys were nice enough to make a trade, us adults paid for transportation and food in Santa Catalina and the muchachos took care of the lodging.

The Hotel Santa Catalina is top notch. The rooms and baths are large, clean and well laid out.  The beds and pillows are damn near perfect and the rooms have quiet ceiling fans, AC’s, and hot water showers.  They even have a ping pong table and hammocks almost everywhere. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only and the food is delicious and in-expensive.  The grounds of the property are immaculate and the hotel is positioned right in front of the channel to paddle out to the famous right handed wave of La Punta de Santa Catalina. As far as cleanliness, comfort and price the Hotel Santa Catalina may be one of the best values in Panama.

When in this area of Veraguas whether your plans are to dive the beautiful waters around Isla Coiba or surf at La Punta check into the Hotel Santa Catalina for lodging, you want be let down.