Don Chacho Grill Playa Coronado Panama

Don Chacho Grill in Playa Coronado was recently one of the sponsors of the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surf contest held at Playa Serena.  Kalani won a playa coronado, playa serena, panama, travel, steaks, grill, restaurantgift certificate from the popular restaurant.  He invited Pucha and I to lunch immediately after winning the certificate, the boy was hungry after two days of fierce competition, so we stopped by right after the contest and had a great lunch.  Thanks Kalani!

The food at Don Chacho’s is delicious and the all natural frostees are out of this world.  There is nothing better after being in the hot sun all day than a delicious frosty cold drink.  Don Chacho’s specializes in steaks and grilled items, but also serves good salads.

Like most restaurants and lodging in the area of Coronado, Don Chacho is a little more pricey compared to the rest of the interior of Panama, but the food and atmosphere is of a higher quality.

Stop by Don Chacho’s when heading through Coronado, they are located between the entrance gate of the Playa Coronado community and the Rey Grocery on Ave Roberto Eisenmann.  Your taste buds will not regret it.

Buen Provecho!