Discovering Surfing Talents Surf Contest Playa Serena Coronado

Discovering Surfing Talents was held over the weekend in playa Serena in Coronado about an hour outside of Panama City.  Super Deportes and other local businesses sponsored the surf contest and clinic for aspiring under 18 year old surfers.Discovering Surfing Talents, Panama, Playa Serena, Playa Coronado

There were different categories based upon the competitors ages with professional judges officiating.  Saturday night at the Bayview Resort in El Palmar there was a surfing clinic where competition judging, fitness, nutrition and professionalism was discussed with the young surfers. Recent bronze medalist Pucha Garcia gave a motivational presentation as well.  Parents were allowed to help the younger competitors by pushing them in to waves and carrying their boards while the kids ran back up the point to paddle back out.   It was a fun weekend event for the kids and their parents.  The event organizers did a great job.

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