Discovering Surfing Talents End of Summer Party

To be young again, wouldn’t it be nice.piñata fiesta
Play, eat, repeat. Play, eat, repeat. Those were the days!

At the Discovering Surfing Talents end of Summer Party – play, eat, repeat was the itinerary for the kids in attendance. There was a BBQ, a birthday party complete with a piñata full of candy, a soccer field and multiple trampolines to keep the kids doing what they do best, play and eat. The party was held at a beautiful farm called Finca Valle Escondida in Capira, located about an hour from Panama City. We spent a afternoon there to enjoy the BBQ and appreciate the young surfers that had earned prizes for their competitive endeavors. Pucha’s son Kalani Garcia was the under 16 division champ.

The Discovering Surfing Talents is a group of surfing contests for kids under 16. It has become a very popular event in Panama’s surfing community.

We enjoyed the afternoon eating BBQ and watching the kids play games and tear into the piñata.

Oh to be young, endless energy, endless fun and not a care in the world!