Discovering Surfing Talents Contest Two

The point at Playa Serena in Coronado hosted better waves than forecasted for the second event of the Discovering Surfing Talents.Playa Serena, Coronado, Discovering Surfing Talents, Panama, Travel, Surf, Waves  The swell was only reported to be around one foot, which normally means flatness at Playa Serena, but this weekend the Pacific Ocean gave a little extra, just enough for the grommets to catch some fun waves.  It’s possible that the youngsters were so excited that their energy alone may have manifested the waves.  They were pumped!

There were more kids in this contest than the first.  As always all the young competitors were excited to go against each other for the prizes donated by the contest sponsors.  One category winner, ”Chitra” a local from San Carlos, won a new Banzai Surfboard.  His backside barrel alone was worth the board.  Impressive surfing by the young man.

The heats were run all morning from 7AM till mid afternoon, one after another saturday and sunday. Every 15 minutes a new group of four in the water going at it.  I know many of the parents and kids had to be worn out after it was all over.

It was nice being able to watch the action and take photos.  I was worn out just spectating.