Discovering Surfing Talents Contest 3 Day 2

Once again, the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surfing contest held at Playa Serena Coronado, Panama was a great time. This was the largestDiscovering Surfing Talents, Playa Serena, Playa Coronado, Panama Surfing, Surf Panama group of young surfers yet to participate in the event. There was barely enough time in the weekend to finish the contest. Heats ran all the way until nearly 5pm in the afternoon on Sunday.

Normally the prizes are given out for each age group all at once at the end of the contest, but this time around they were handed out immediately following each categories final so the parents could get their kids home for some rest before school on Monday.

Kalani Garcia, Pucha’s son, made it to the finals of both the under 16 and under 18 category, finishing second place in both divisions. These were the last two categories of the day and since I was driving everyone back home we were there till the very end. Pucha was stoked to see her son do so well. Kalani racked up on prizes!

The waves did not get any bigger on Sunday as predicted. The swell dropped and the conditions were not very good, even the small kids had a hard time getting into the waves. The weak surf did not dampen the excitement though, every one was as enthusiastic as possible, kids riding waves down the point and running back with parents helping carry boards and then diving into the ocean for more.

Its awesome to see the future of Panamanian surfing. The future looks bright!