Discovering Surfing Talents Contest 3 Day 1

Discovering Surfing Talents is hosting another fun grommet surf contest at Playa Serena in Coronado.  Playa Serena, Coronado, Panama Surfer, Discovering Surfing TalentsToday finished the first day of heats.  Tomorrow the kids battle it out in the finals for the chance to win prizes and Panamanian grommet glory.

Unfortunately, the waves were really small today, but since the average competitor weight is only around 50 lbs, wave size does not matter much. The kids had a blast.  Each Discovering Surfing Talents Contest brings out more kids.   I believe future surf stars are in the making.  Must all the kids have improved their surfing just in the last couple of months.

Tomorrow will be entertaining, the waves are supposed to pick up a little and the remaining competitors will be excited as always to compete for a win.

Other than going surfing myself, I can not think of a more enjoyable way to spend a sunday afternoon in beautiful Panama.