Colibri Productions Real Estate Drone Reel

Real Estate Developers or any other businesspanama video services
looking for aerial video footage now have a new marketing tool available at their disposal.
Colibri Productions from Ciudad del Saber in Panama City has included state of the art drone capabilities to their high definition aerial video services.

I have written before about my talented friends Nel and Vanessa Boshoff at Colibri Productions. My previous article can be found here for more information. They recently sent me an email with a link to their new Drone Reel. Their skills shine through again with a visually stimulating high definition collection of aerial drone shots of beautiful Panama that goes unequivocally unmatched.

Take a look at their latest short video and see for yourself. It’s impressive.

Enjoy the show!


Colibri Drone reel -HD from Colibri Productions on Vimeo.