The Day I Hiked Across the Continental Divide…


Continental Divide, Santa Fe, Panama

That’s me at the Continental Divide in Santa Fe, Panama!

Why yes. As a matter of fact I did hike across the Continental Divide today.

No, I don’t have a photo to prove it as I was unaware of it at the time.

It wasn’t until my friend (and part owner of the lovely Coffee Mountain Inn) Cele pointed out that the water in the river was now flowing towards the Caribbean Sea that it hit me.

“Wait…did we cross the continental divide?”
” Yes” he replied. “Back there. When we stopped for you to take photos.”

I don’t have a bucket list but if I did crossing the continental divide would be on it. Except, now that I think about it crossing the Continental Divide doesn’t sound all that impressive. Anyone can cross the Continental Divide…in a plane, a car, haphazardly while attempting to get a new profile photo for Facebook with beautiful scenery (and apparently the Continental Divide) in the background.

No, I think from this point forward I will say I hiked across the Continental Divide. Yes, hiked. Hiked implies that there were forests and camping gear involved.

How awesome does that make you?!?! You know someone who has hiked across the Continental Divide! Click though the gallery below for a look at some of the stunning views!