The Book Mark Book Store, Boquete, Panama

The Book Mark, Boquete. Panama

The Book Mark, Boquete. Panama

A few weeks ago my Kindle went out.  It was perfect timing because I was on the way to Boquete for a few days.  About 15 minutes before  you get to Boquete in  the town of Dolega (on the main road to Boquete) you will come to a great shop called The Book Mark.

The Book Mark is the perfect place to pick up some new reading material.  There are thousands of english language books to choose from all at super reasonable prices.  The owner does a great job of keeping al the books organized and the place is easy to find and maneuver through.

I can spend hours in regular  book stores but put me in a used book store like The Book Mark and I can keep myself entertained for days.  On this last visit I picked up four books for under $5! What a steal!

Make sure and stop by on your next trip to or from Boquete.  Nothing is as great an experience as reading an old book! :-)