Rio Sereno Volcan Panama Drive

Panama is absolutely blessed with beautiful scenic drives. I’m sure someone could make a great coffee table book with photos of different drives around Panama. volcan, rio sereno panamaHmmm…Not a bad idea. The Inter-Americana Highway, for the most part, is nothing special for beautiful views. But, if one turns off on any of the roads up through Penenome, Boquete, the Azuero Peninsula, Veraguas or the Volcan area, they will be blessed with beautiful landscapes.

I recently took a trip up to Rio Sereno from Volcan just to enjoy the view along the way. I was not let down. The road is in near perfect condition and almost every turn has a view of the mountains, valleys and coffee plantations. I recommend going in the morning. The weather in the highlands is almost always guaranteed to become cloudy and misty by late morning, early afternoon. The drive from Volcan to Rio Sereno is about 45 minutes. Rio Sereno is located on the border between Costa Rica and Panama, it’s a favorite stop for many foreigners doing the passport stamp dance.

I here that if you continue on the same road you can head back down south to Paso Canoas, another border town that is located on the Inter-Americana highway. This drive is said to be incredibly beautiful. I have that drive on my list for the coffee table book.