Restaurante Portal Volcan Panama

I enjoy eating great food. Exotic spices, fresh ingredients, elaborate recipes, who doesn’t like these? But for me, if the food is simple, tasty and inexpensive – it’s just volcan panama restaurant portalas enjoyable as the most elaborate pro-chef prepared meal.

Lately, I had one of those nice inexpensive meals at the Restaurante Portal in Volcan Panama. The name was the first thing that caught my eye, PORTAL as in PANAMA PORTAL. It must be good!

Almost every restaurant in Panama has a daily special, it’s usually cheaper and quicker than anything on the menu. Their comida del dia was pollo guisado, a Panamanian favorite served with rice and guandu (pigeon pea), another Panamanian staple, fresh salad and a blackberry chicha or natural fruit drink. All this food for only $4.00! I love this country!