Eating while in Santa Fe, Panama

Eating in Santa Fe, Panama

Eating in Santa Fe, Panama

The food situation in Santa Fe leaves little to the imagination. Most places you will find open and serving are your typical Panamanian “fonda” places.  You’ll have a choice of chicken, beef maybe pork that will be served with rice, beans and some sort of salad (think more cabbage and potatoes and less romaine and veggies).  It’s all good.  I’ve never been disappointed at these places.  And when your entire meal (including a drink) averages less the $4.00 who can complain?!

While I was in Santa Fe there were other restaurants that are rumored to serve different fare but they were never open.  You’re best bet in Santa Fe (at least during the off season) are the fonda joints or perhaps even preparing your own meals.

Buen Provecho!