Parque Internacional la Amistad Los Nubes Panama

The Parque Internacional la Amistad or La Amistad International Park is a international cross-frontier UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 401,000 Hectares, La Amistad International Park Panamamaking it the largest nature reserve in Central America. It covers parts of Panama and Costa Rica in the Talamanca Mountain Range. I took a half day hike on some of the trails leaving from the ANAM station near the small community of Los Nubes, near Cerro Punta.

The park trails are a little rustic, which made for fun hiking and good exercise. I thought there were going to be more places to have panoramic views to take photos, but it is mostly dense rain forest. For me the highlight was drinking water straight out of a small stream. That’s right, drinking unfiltered water out of a stream, bacteria and all, I drank it, lots of it, and it was delicious.

If you are visiting the Volcan area and enjoy hiking then take a trip to the parque. There are plenty of trails for at least a day’s worth of hiking. I did not make it far enough, but I was told there is a beautiful waterfall at the end of the longest trail. The key is to start early on your hike. The place is way up in the mountains and the clouds and weather move in early. I found out first hand and decided to bail to keep my camera dry. The park is easy to find, just go to Cerro Punta, follow the signs to Los Nubes and then the signs to the park. It’s worth the trip.