Orchid Expo and Fair Boquete

Boquete is famous for its annual coffee and flowerorchid expo boquete fair, La Feria de las Flores y del Café. We visited the fair this year for the first time. The fair was as beautiful as expected. On our latest visit to Boquete, unknown to us, it was the annual orchid expo, El Expo de las Orquideas. What a nice surprise! The Orchid Expo is much smaller than La Feria de las Flores y del Café, but still beautiful all the same.

I have a friend back in Florida that loves orchids and have met other people that are fanatical about the plant. Honestly, I never understood the hype. Yes orchids are beautiful, but most flowers are. Well now I see why many folks are crazy about the unique flower, they truly are one of nature’s most beautiful blooms. The expo had a large variety of different shapes and colors of orchids. We visited their on a sunday morning and the place was empty. It was a nice experience walking around quietly admiring the beautiful plants.

The Orchid Expo is another great reason to plan a trip to Boquete, Panama – I hope you make it there!