Nancito Panama Chiriqui Archeological Site

When driving through Chiriqui on your way to David, Playa la Barqueta, Boquete or Volcan a great place to stop for a moment is the small townchiriqui, veraguas, david, panama, petrogliphs, archeological site, archeology of Nancito.  Nancito is located just after the check point at the border of the provinces of Chiriqui and Veraguas coming from Santiago.  There is a small sign and a bus stop marking the turn off up to the lookout over the Gulfo de Chiriqui (with it’s many beautiful islands) and on to the Parque Arqueologico de Nancito, a small archeological site and museum.

Unfortunately, the day I stopped by coming from a recent surf trip near la Barqueta, the museum was closed, but I got a chance to look at some of the petroglyphs.  I seem to have bad luck on my museum runs, they are almost always closed or the curator is not around to give an informative tour, like my trip to Sitio Barilles in Volcan.  Oh well, until the next trip.