Las Lagunas de Volcan Panama

After hiking into the Parque Internacional de la Amistad and cruising around beautiful Cerro Punta I decided to head to Las Lagunas de Volcan or The Lakes of Las Lagunas de Volcan PanamaVolcan. Although I’ve seen thousands of lakes in Florida over my lifetime I have not seen hardly any here in Panama. Plus, these lakes are special, they are the highest natural lakes in Panama and fifth highest in Meso-America. So I figured I should at least go take a look at them.

The place is a little hard to find. One has to head out of Volcan and drive to the end of an old airplane runway, then meander into a coffee plantation and ask permission to enter the property where the lakes are. Apparently the lakes are owned, or at least access to them is owned by the Janson family. They are renowned coffee producers and naturalists.

When I went to the office for permission, the Janson Coffee employees were very helpful and offered me a guided tour of Las Lagunas. I decided against the tour explaining I just wanted to snap a few pictures. I should of said yes. I got lost. I eventually found the lakes, but I did not find the tourist area. I ended up hiking down a small trail to get a view of the lakes. Next time I’ll pay for the tour and maybe include a fishing trip. Supposedly the place is absolutely loaded with big mouth bass! The Janson’s offer fishing tours or pole rentals and bird watching.

Like most adventures here in Panama many times it seems as if one finds a treasure while looking for something else. I was a little frustrated when I found the entrance sign to the lakes, it said private property and not to enter without permission from the Janson’s, which meant back tracking to their coffee factory offices. When I arrived there I realized they had Geisha coffee for sale. Geisha is one of the rarest and most expensive coffees in the world. I started to salivate when I saw the bags. Ive heard of this coffee before. I had to have some. I bought a small bag for $15.00. It was worth every penny!

I was a little let down by the lakes, but I was the only one to blame. Next time I will get the tour and buy a bigger bag of coffee on my way out, it was delicious!