La Joya de Chicá – Bed and Breakfast near Campana National Park

La Joya de Chicá is a new bed
la joya de chicaand breakfast at the edge of the mountainous Parque Nacional de Campana in the small community of Chicá, just a short drive off the Inter-americana highway, between Panama City and Playa Coronado. The beautiful hotel is owned by a friendly Canadian expat who invested in an abandoned over grown fruit farm. After a couple of years of pruning, cleaning and constructing La Joya de Chicá, the B and B is nestled within beautiful mature fruit trees and hardwoods incorporated amongst a flowered landscape. The owner Phil has fruit and vegetables growing all over with walking trails meandering through the lush hilly property. Hard work and a first world attention to detail is easily noted throughout the establishment.

La Joya de Chicá (the jewel of Chicá) has some of the most comfortable beds found in any hotel I have stayed at in Panama. The hotel is set on the edge of a tropical forest and there is absolutely no noise except that created by nature. It’s quiet, relaxing and beautiful. The common areas of the bed and breakfast are very well laid out. There is a large living room complete with a small library, board games and plenty of dining tables for guests. Outside is a pool, pool side bar, open air dining area and lots of hammocks around the large covered porches.

We stayed there on a friday night and were treated to a great dinner prepared by Tiffany Arcand, a young american restaurant professional and chef living in Panama that throws private dinner parties. She prepared Pucha and I a incredible feast seasoned with fresh herbs right from La Joya’s gardens. Topped off in the morning with an endless cup of coffee and delicious breakfast while watching birds criss-cross the fruit trees, our stay at La Joya de Chicá was one of the better over-night stays in the country.

If you are looking for a quiet place to stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast not to far from Panama City or Playa Coronado check into La Joya de Chicá. Im sure you will enjoy it!