Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls. Santa Fe, Panama

Waterfalls, Santa Fe, Panama

Waterfalls, Santa Fe, Panama

There are two things in the natural world that I am obsessed with.  Crop Circles and Waterfalls.  This is a post about waterfalls.

Currently Santa Fe, Panama is on the top of my list as one of the most beautiful places in the country.

I come form the Gulf Coast of Florida (Pensacola, woot woot!)…below sea level.  You put me four or five stories up in the air and my ears start popping and I’m taking puffs off my inhaler.  But stumbling across beautiful water falls such as the ones photographed below make it all worth it.

All the falls in the gallery below are located on the road to, through and past Alto de Piedra in Santa Fe , Panama.  If you’re unsure where to look, stop by and see Celestino at the Coffee Mountain Inn.  Tell him Lauren sent you, he’ll point you in the right direction.