Coffee Store La Cabaña Panama

Just before arriving to the police check point near the Fortuna Damn crossing the continental divide from the province of Chiriqui la fortuna into Bocas del Toro, on the right, at the edge of the Reserva Forestal de Fortuna one will find La Cabaña Coffee Store.

La Cabaña is a cute little red building with a waterfall and pool running along side of it.  The coffee store is a great place to stop for a coffee, frosted donuts, juices, snacks or a clean bathroom.

There are very few places to stop along this drive to stretch the legs and get a refreshment. On my past trips to Bocas, La Cabaña was not open. Now what a nice surprise! One can grab a great cup of delicious Panamanian coffee to continue the long drive to spectacular Bocas del Toro.

I truly enjoy coffee, especially when behind the wheel on a long road trip. La Cabaña Coffee Store was just what the doctor ordered. The store is snugged in against the mountains with an amazing view looking over Chiriqui towards the Pacific Ocean.

Stop in at La Cabaña and enjoy a beverage and a breath of fresh Panama mountain air before crossing Lago Fortuna.

It’s a beautiful view from up there!