Chorro de Las Mozas, Waterfall El Valle Panama

El Valle has several waterfalls in the area.  The most accessible of them all is Chorro de Las Mozas, Waterfall of the Young Maidens.  Located on the original site where the prehistoric lake breached thus forming the beautiful cascades.

Las Mozas, as it’s known to the locals, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.  To get to the falls it’s a bit of a hike along slippery rocks so use caution.  If you’re not feeling that adventurous or perhaps like me you are not very sure footed (even after all the years of ballet lessons) there are plenty of places to just sit on a rock and enjoy the sounds of the water or goes for a splash in one of the may wading pools.  The water is cool and refreshing.  After your swim there are few tables and benches you could have a picnic at.  There is plenty of space for parking if you chose to drive but it’s also a beautiful and easy walk if you prefer to go that way.  I wouldn’t recommend riding a bike as the road is rocky and often muddy.  There are also “restroom” facilities.

I visited the falls twice and once I paid $2 and the second time I paid $1.  Either way it’s well worth the visit.  Not only are the falls and the surrounding area visually stunning on any given day you will see a variety of birds, butterflies and perhaps even some other wildlife hanging from the trees.