Cerro Punta Panama Produce Producer

Cerro Punta is the heart of the produce production of Panama. I took a drive up to visit the Parque Amistad Internacional de la cerro punta panamaAmistad on a recent trip to Volcan. Although hiking in the park was fun, I was more impressed just driving around Cerro Punta. People are growing vegetables everywhere, in their yards, on the sides of the road, along the ditches and on the steep hills. Lettuce, cabbage, brocoli, cauliflower, onions, celery, herbs, flowers, coffee and any other edible you can think of are grown in the fertile volcanic soil. I even saw hedges of Rosemary!

While I was stopped by the side of the road snapping some photos a local named Jorge stopped his car and invited me to walk his property to get a close-up of his crops. It was his in-laws farm and they grow just about everything. He gave me a quick tour and some information about the process. I never knew that onions had to dry out for at least a week before they were shipped to market. If there to wet they will rot. I would enjoy cooking with a fresh onion just out of the soil to see how they taste. Maybe one day.

Anyway, if you are in the Chiriqui mountains visiting Volcan take a trip to Cerro Punta. It’s a beautiful ride and interesting to see how they are growing crops on the sides of the mountains. I did not have time this trip, but in the future I plan on spending a night there and enjoy the coldest temperatures in Panama. Cerro Punta is the highest altitude town in Panama. Stoking a fire in Panama to stay warm at night. Thats a novelty. Cant wait!