Cafe Ruiz Coffee Tour Boquete Panama

Boquete, Panama is known for it’s internationally award winning coffee. One of the oldest coffee producers in Boquete is Cafe Ruiz. They have Cafe Ruiz, Chiriqui, Coffee Tourbeen in Boquete since 1920 producing great coffee.

Cafe Ruiz has a great coffee tour. Lead by Carlos, a friendly Boquete local who worked his way from coffee picker laborer to perfect english speaking tour guide, the tour is an educational coffee experience every bit worth the fee.

The tour starts out at the Cafe Ruiz Coffee Shop just outside of town past the church. Carlos takes the group to the coffee fields and goes through the entire planting, maintaining, life cycle and harvesting of the coffee bean and plant. Next, the tour passes through an actual coffee processing plant, where the visitor can witness the entire process as it’s happening. Then the tour returns to the coffee shop where the bags of coffee are packed. And finally, Carlos ends the tour with a cupping, where everyone gets to taste three different cups of coffee; light, medium and dark roast, while Carlos breaks down the distinct different tastes of each roast.

The Cafe Ruiz Coffee Tour is a must do while in Boquete. Just ask anyone where their shop is located and you can set up the tour there. There are english and spanish tours going daily.