Bruschetta Restaurant in El Valle.

Adjacent to the Anton Valley Hotel on the main street in El Valle, Bruschetta’s serves a variety of foods.  From traditional Dining out in El Valle at BruschettaPanamanian to fresh seafood and Italian.  The salads leave a vegetable loving girl wanting a little more but order the Greek with chicken and the piles of feta cheese, black olives, super ripe tomatoes and zesty lemon dressing will make you forget your eating iceberg and not roamine.

During the week Bruschetta’s is not very busy and the service is impeccable.  On the weekends the three waitresses do their best to handle the bustling crowds.  Weekends are the busiest in El Valle and where ever you go expect to have to wait for a table and food.   As with most good things I found it was worth the wait.

Bruschetta’s has a lovely atmosphere, very garden like on the patio and the staff is friendly and the service is usually quick.  The food is good, affordable and quick during the week.  On the weekends it’s a lovely place to spend a couple hours chatting with old friends and making new ones.

Buen Provecho!