Boquete Tree Trek Zip-LIne

I was fortunate to have good friends come down from Florida and visit me here in Panama.  They were nice enough to let me be their tour guide and pay my way to Chiriqui, Panama, Boquete Tours, Palo Altogo do some of the tourist things available here in Panama.  Unlike most of my buddy’s from back home, that always only want to surf and drink cheap beer, this crew wanted to experience some of the other beautiful attractions Panama has to offer.

One of the most fun activities we did together was the Tree-Trek Zip Line in Palo Alto, Chiriqui.   Palo Alto is the name of a small coffee growing community located just above the popular mountain community BoquetePalo Alto is near the tip of the continental divide.  The place is incredibly beautiful.  The air is crisp and clean in the early morning, one can see for miles and miles.

Tree-Trek is by far the best zip-line in Panama I have been on.  I highly recommend it to those who are not scared of heights.  The price is reasonable and the crew is professional and courteous.

If traveling in Chiriqui near David, Volcan or Boquete the Zip-line in Palo Alto should be at the top of your list for a half-day excursion.

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