Aquacai Natural Artesian Water Factory Tour

On the edge of the Acai Rain Forest bottled water panama
and the Panama Canal Watershed
, north of the small town of Capira, sits the incredibly modern Aquacai artesian water bottling plant. Internationally sold natural artesian water, Aquacai is Panama’s premier bottled water. Aquacai has a state of the art factory on over 400 hectares adjacent to some of Panama’s densest untouched primary and secondary rainforest.

I recently traveled to the Aquacai bottling headquarters with Pucha to take part in a tour with local Panamanian press. The premises and bottling process are very impressive. The tour started with an overlook of the factory floor allowing a great view of the entire bottling process. The plant is completely automated, the well water is pumped in, filtered, bottled and sealed all with out any contact from humans. The processing plant is huge, with space available to triple production if demand increases.

The tour was very thorough. We were allowed to see the water testing laboratory, the electrical control room, the water storage and filtering room and then a close-up of the bottling, labeling and packaging process. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any photos of the bottling process, darn rules!

After the factory tour we hopped on four wheelers and bottled water panama
toured the property where the wells are. There are nine wells on the property, but only two are used at the moment. The entire water bottling process at Aquacai is electronic. Sensors communicate between each other, from measuring the water volume on the wells out in the dense forest all the way through to the end of the bottling process in the plant where the bottles are packaged in the blue Aquacai boxes and ready to be shipped worldwide. The machines and working area are immaculately clean and modern. The offices and lobby are pristine and the property grounds are manicured nearly as well as a golf green.

To conclude our tour we were treated to a delicious Bar-B-Q complete with buttery corn on the cob. The lunch was served on the patio of beautiful horse stables located on the property. It was a nice touch from the folks at Aquacai to serve a delicious meal after touring their grounds.

A great meal at beautiful horse stables on the edge of a Panamanian rainforest, well manicured sprawling grounds, ultra modern automated state of the art bottling plant and attentive hostsit’s obvious that whomever owns Aquacai knows a little about doing things right and paying attention to the finer details. Thanks for the tour!