Panama City

Panama City, Panama is quickly becoming an international hub of Latin America. Whether it’s Fortune 500 companies setting up Latin AmericanAmador, Causeway, marina, panama, tourist, information, guide headquarters, South American investors parking money in its many banks, or container ships traversing the Panama Canal, la ciudad de Panama, is now known as a major business center for Central America. Panama City is growing quickly.  High rises litter the skyline, public transit systems are being improved and new niches in business opportunities are being filled by entrepreneurs.

You’ll have no problem keeping busy in “La Ciudad” (the city).  Be it shopping, fun, food or sight seeing Panama City has it all.  Calle Uruguay, Casco Viejo and Amador Causeway have everything to offer for the young and hip looking for a good time on the town.  From reggae bands, rock-n-roll hang-outs, latin jazz bars, European style brew pubs and modern techno clubs, the night time activities can easily go on until dawn in Panama City. Hungry?  Each of these Panama City neighborhoods offers world class dining and drinking.

Shopping malls such as the Multi-Plaza in Punta Pacifica, Albrook near the canal or Multi-Centro off Avenida Balboa in Patilla cover all the bases for ones buying needs.  Looking for that perfect gift for friends back home? Visit one of the many indeginous markets located throughout the city.

The list of things to see in Panama is never ending.  Whether  you’re fulfilling your pirate fantasies at the historical ransacked city of Panama Viejo or watching the ships pass through the Mira Flora Locks at the Panama Canal, it will be easy for you to stay busy playing and working in Panama City.


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