Transport Ferry From Bocas del Toro to Almirante

bocas del toro ferryThe ferry back to Almirante from Bocas del Toro leaves at 4:00pm everyday except Mondays. It’s ideal to get your car there in line no later than 2pm. We got the car there at one o’clock and were the first one’s in line.

The cost per transit on the ferry is $45.00 for a pick-up truck. The prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle.

The ride on the ferry from Bocas del Toro is bitter sweet. We were ready to get back home to sleep in our own beds and catch-up with family and pets. But we’re going to miss Bocas del Toro. The ferry is a slow cruise across the bay and through the mangroves into the port at Almirante. It’s just enough time to gather one’s thoughts about Bocas. Damn! Im going to miss this place.

Until next trip!