The Pickled Parrot, Isla Carenero, Bocas del Toro

Pig Prep!The Pickled Parrot is just down the beach from Bibi’s on Isla Careno.  What truly sets the Pickled Parrot apart from any other are there monthly pig roasts.  I was lucky enough to be in town for this blessed event and scored an invite.

The preparations start a day in advance.  ”Nebraska Jim” as he’s known around the islands has converted a giant beer cooler into a smoker.  He and his team prep the pig and all the fixin’s and let it smoke over night.  The results are absolutly amazing.  Pork, potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans.  The works!  It is amazing.  I ate myself silly that day.  I also downed several $1 Rum Punch’s that are available on these pork roast days.

If you’re in Bocas del Toro just ask anyone when the next pig roast is.  They’ll know.  For $12 a plate and $1 a drink this is a delightful and delicious bargin you can’t pass up.

Happy eating!