Swan’s Cay, Bocas del Toro, Panama

You’re speeding along on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean updating your Facebook status on your smart phone when

Swan's Cay, Bocas del Toro, Panama

The Brown Booby’s at Swan’s Cay.

suddenly you look up and a giant crag of palm tree and bird covered rock is in front of you…BREATHTAKING!  That’s Swan’s Cay.

Swan’s Cay, (also known as Bird Island or Isla de los Parjaros) is a standard stop on most Bocas del Toro tours.  It’s about a thirty minute boat road form Isla Colon and it truly is breath taking.  This is the only known nesting site for the Red Billed Tropicbird in the Southwest Caribbean but on my visit I we didn’t spot any.

Swan’s Cay is also home to the Brown Booby which is a member of the Penguin family!  These we did see, they have a white chest (like a penguin) and a large, long beak.  I’m not a “birder” by any means but I can really relate to the Booby’s.  In a past life I was trained as a classical ballerina and I’ve been told I am quite graceful on a dance floor but when it comes to regular walking, standing, getting up and out of chairs I’m quite the klutz.  The Brown Booby is the same way.  A strong and elegant flier they are but take off and landing for them is rough and not very graceful.

Swan’s Cay is a marine preserve so you can’t disembark on the island but ask your boat captain to cruise you around.  It truly is beautiful and there are lots of “new profile photo” opportunities!  Swan’s Cay is a on the way to Starfish Beach so make sure you make the stop, as you can see from my photo’s you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Birding!