Playa Bluff Surf Session Bocas del Toro

Playa Bluff was our last surf session of our Bocas del Toro working vacation. The large caribbean swell had dropped and left Paunch and Carenero flat. bocas del toro panamaWhen the rest of the island has small waves, Bluff is the best call.

At Playa Bluff waves come out of deep water and break right on the edge of the shallow sandy beach, focusing all the oceans power into a short fast ride. The waves break so close in one does not even need a leash at Playa Bluff. If you fall, you can just stand up and walk over to your board. It’s basically a shore break.

Here are a couple of photos we snapped from our last surf session at Playa Bluff in Bocas del Toro.