Playa Bluff Lounge and Lodge Bocas del Toro Panama

Playa Bluff is located at the end of the beach road past popular Bocas del Toro surf breaks playa Paunch and Dumpers, it is known for beplaya bluff lodge hotel ing one of the most powerful beach breaks in Panama. Breaking close to the beach, the wave is short, fast and powerful. Destroyed surfboards and dislocated bones are not unheard of at playa Bluff.

The road to playa Bluff is a jungle trail, no power lines, no cell phone signal, no asphalt, just over hanging coconut palms, twisty vines and tropical tree limbs. At the end of the road is a wonderful restaurant named Playa Bluff Lounge. Part of the Playa Bluff Lodge, the lounge serves good food and drinks for those needing a break from sun bathing or surfing at Playa Bluff. We enjoyed some fresh fish and chicken sandwiches in between surf sessions at playa Paunch one afternoon last week. The sandwiches were great, the service excellent and the ice tea cold. The folks running the lounge allowed me to snap a few photos of the exterior of the lodge. The premises are very tropical and inviting.

The Playa Bluff Lodge is directly across the trail from the beach. One can order something cold to drink and relax in the hammocks they offer under the shade trees at the sands edge of Playa Bluff. If you head out there, the beach is beautiful and clean but be careful playing in the surf, Playa Bluff is powerful and unforgiving, just what a good surfer likes!