Paunch Surf Bocas del Toro Panama

Playa Paunch or Punch, depending on your native accent or what map you read is one of the more popular surf breaks in Bocas del Toro. Paunch is a reef break thatpanama surfing has a few different peaks that break right and left. The left is popular for it’s large barrels when the swell is big. The wave can get very powerful, hence the name – Punch!

Paunch is located on the way to Dumpers and Bluff, past Paki Point. Surfers can drive out or take a water taxi from Bocas town to Paunch. If you do not like walking over reef to get in and out of the water than I recommend spending the money to go by boat, so you can just paddle over to the peak.

Recently while in Bocas, we spent a few days surfing at Paunch and I snapped a few photos while out of the water.