Mr. Douglas Golden Grill Fast Food Bocas del Toro

Not to be confused with McDonalds, it’s called Mr. Douglas. Not the Golden Arches, this is the Golden Grill. Mr. Douglas is the Bocas del Toro version of fast food. I try to panama fast foodstay away from fast food as much as possible, but when traveling with hungry teenagers in Bocas that are tired of eating delicious foreign inspired cuisine, one has to make an exception and grab a hamburger and french fry combo every once in a while.

Mr. Douglas is located on the main drag through town across from the park. They have a good selection of ice cream as well as pizza, spaghetti, burgers, french fries, hot dogs and loads of soda.

Don’t expect anything gourmet at Mr. Douglas, but it’s good enough to satisfy a kid who has an appetite for burgers, fries and copious amounts of sugary soda.

Would you like that super sized?