Hotel la Preferida Almirante Panama

When I first started traveling to Bocas del Toro everyone warned me not to stay in Almirante and no one knew of a hotel. Everyone that I knew would just drive through the night and arrive early in the am to catch the ferry if they were bringing their car over. Pucha and I decided to take a chance and see if we could find a hotel. Fortunately we did find one and it was not at all bad.

Hotel la Preferida or The Preferred Hotel is located in downtown Almirante only a few moments away from the ferry to Bocas del Toro. The rooms are bocas del toro panamainexpensive and they have secured parking beside the hotel. The hotel is not five-star but it is comfortable for a night. There is a great Chinese restaurant on the first floor under the hotel. They have large portions and fast service.

We stayed at the Preferred the night before we took the ferry out to Bocas and ate at La Fortuna Restaurant in the evening after returning from Bocas on the ferry. The food saved us before the long night drive across the continental divide to David.

If traveling to Bocas del Toro and need to stay the night in Almirante, before crossing over to the islands, check in to la Preferida Hotel and get some rest.