Flying Pirates Rentals and Tours Bocas del Toro

After days of spending most of our time either immersed surfing in the beautiful caribbean water or cruising over it in a panga, we decided it would be quad rentals sailing panamafun to do some terrestrial activity in Bocas del Toro. So we rented four wheelers!

All week we witnessed Bocas del Toro tourists zipping by us on ATV’s. It looked like a lot of fun, so we had to rent some for a couple of hours. We hopped on and blasted out through town to Playa Bluff racing along the beach road. Of course we got stopped once by the police to check our licenses and were warned to slow down. No ticket, just a cordial warning. Panamanian police are about the friendliest cops in the world especially if Pucha is there.

The rental company, Flying Pirates, has signs set up marking a jungle trail all the way to Bocas del Drago along the coast from Playa Bluff. Unfortunately the large surf had washed out part of the path and left a un-passable water hole that made it impossible for us to continue. But, we still had a lot of fun.

Flying Pirates not only rents 4 wheelers, but also offers sailing charters, snorkeling, boogie boards, GoPro Camaras and various guided tours around the gorgeous islands that make up Bocas del Toro. They are located right on the main street along the water. They are easy to find, the four wheelers are all parked along the road ready to rent. I highly recommend them for someone looking to do something in Bocas del Toro other than surfing or partying the night away.