Bocas del Toro Airport, Isla Colon, Panama

What to say about the airport in Bocas del Toro? There’s not much to it!  Air Panama and Nature Air from Costa Rica are (at the time of publication) the only commercial airlines flying into Bocas del Toro International.

The airport consists of one landing strip and one small building that serves as the only terminal.  The airport is air conditioned, has bathrooms and a few places to sit and wait but there is no food or any other services available.  There is a bar across the street from the airport that only serves drinks, it’s not a bad place to kill some time if for some reason (weather) your flight is delayed.   Don’t bother getting to the airport more then one hour prior to your flight, they won’t check you in any sooner.

Traveling by air regionally in Panama is an experience.  The most important thing you can pack on these trips is flexibility!

Happy traveling!