Bocas del Drago Panama

At the far side of Isla Colon directly opposite of Bocas Town and at the end of the road lies Bocas del Drago. Bocas del Drago is the quickest way to arrive to popularpanama bocas del toro Playa Estrella.

We spent a morning at Bocas del Drago, taking advantage of the good light, for a video shoot of Pucha Garcia with popular surf video clip producer Erik Derman from California. Erik came to visit Panama and produce a short video clip of Pucha. Bocas del Drago was a great place for some of the lifestyle shots.

Bocas del Drago is more of a boarding spot for tourists traveling a few minutes by boat over to Playa Estrella or Starfish Beach. There are buses that run from town to Bocas del Drago or you can grab a taxi. Bocas del Drago is about a 20 minute drive by car from town. Starfish Beach is another 3 to 5 minutes by boat. If you choose to go all the way from town to playa Estrella in boat it takes about 30 minutes or so.

There are no real amenities at Bocas del Drago, just a small souvenir shop that sells beautiful molas amongst other Panamanian trinkets.

If you have time on your trip to Bocas and would like to visit the other end of the island, head out to Bocas del Drago and grab a water taxi around the corner to Starfish Beach and have lunch. Bring a cooler of refreshments, relax on the white sand beach and enjoy another beautiful corner of the caribbean paradise that is Bocas del Toro.