Bocas Bambu Beach Pucha Garcia Calendar Signing

Bocas del Toro is a happening place and no where is more happening for dinner than Bocas Bambu Beach Restaurant. Located on the main street across bocas bambu beach restaurant from the Hotel Limbo on the Sea, Bocas Bambu is a great place to grab a delicious reasonably priced meal and enjoy some live entertainment.

Open only for dinner, Bocas Bambu has a house  jamming Bob Marley favorites. Plus, a fire and knife juggler keeps diners entertained. They also have a near theater size screen playing famous reggae concerts and surf movies. The social area features comfortable wooden beach chairs and tables scattered around a open air stage, surrounded by dining tables under large arabian style tents. There is even white beach sand in the lounge area, hence the name Bocas Bambu Beach. It’s truly unique and one of a kind, just like Bocas del Toro.

On a recent trip to Bocas Pucha had a autographed calendar give away to the patrons dining at Bocas Bambu Beach. The give away was a big success. The diners in Bocas Bambu were pleasantly surprised. It always amazes me the amount of people from other countries that recognize Pucha. She is truly internationally known, just like Bocas del Toro.