Antique Bottles in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Antique bottles in Bocas del Toro

Antique bottles in Bocas del Toro

Back in the day Bocas del Toro was a chic, cosmopolitan town.  Private mansions, saloons, opium dens, restaurants and a slew of other business that catered to the banana industry were located in Bocas del Toro.  All these people and places disposed of their trash in the most convenient way possible, by dumping it into the ocean!  And there it still sits today, just waiting for YOU to find it!

On an early morning run I passed a sign for antiques bottles.  Like any good southern woman I was intrigued by the idea of old junk so I made a mental note to stop by.  Upon entering I was greeted by the gentleman who owns the shop.  Every bottle inside he has personally dived for and retrieved.  Each one has a story and if you have the time he’ll tell them to you.  He’s very knowledgeable not just about bottles but about Bocas too, he’s a life long resident.

If you’re looking for a a unique  souviner to take home from Bocas del Toro take a stop at the bottle shop, you won’t be disappointed!  Just look for the sign right off the main road on Isla Colon!

Check out the super cool blue poison bottle I bought for my junk loving mother!